Excellent Explanation

 "It was a pleasure to have worked with Angel. She truly helped to ease my concerns with color choices. I also appreciated the fact that she took the time to explain her process as she worked her magic." -Emily

Rave Review


Angel is simply stated, an Artist. She has a gift..from her color selection to  makeup application. The results are always stunning. You can't mistake an "Angelface"...always a work of art applied with a gentle hand by a  truly wonderful and generous person.

Anne Marie Brown



Thanks so much Angel for the great transformation. Your work was excellent and it made me feel like a new individual. 

The  before and after picture was moving and this has inspired me to prepare  my face each day. During the session, you not only applied the makeup  but you provided an inspiring conversation on seeing the beauty within  which transforms to the outside beauty. 

I  received several compliments that a huge impact. Your work is amazing  as a Makeup Artist. You address the outer and inter beauty of a person.

Vickie Collier

Incredible Makeup Artist

 Angel is so very passionate about her work. She has a sincere interest  in her clients and their skin care needs. She not only wants the final  product to be perfect but she also wants the client to be perfectly  happy. Being a novice in having my makeup applied by a professional  makeup artist I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I knew the results  would be spectacular. Angel explained each step of the process. She was conscientious about her tools, explaining to me how to maintain them and how to use them correctly. She also provided information regarding  the application of make up and the order in which it should be done.  Excellent work, excellent work ethic, beautiful outcomes. Tremendously  happy client!

-Karen Shaw



Angel is really great at what she does. She has the eye to work with any kind of face, skin type, ethnicity, you name it. I was always scared to wear makeup and thought it would be overwhelming but each time I leave Angel’s, I feel confident and more beautiful. It’s more than just skill but also passion for make up. Angel has it all!!!  

Candice Elliot 

Thank You!


Angel's artistry is a transformation! My friends, family members and I have been the recipients of her tremendous work on  many occasions and we have always been delighted with the results. She always asks me to describe what I'm seeking and then discusses it with me before she starts. Because of her personalized approach, I am  thrilled with the outcomes 100% of the time. I would recommend Angel to  everyone without hesitation. I am positive she will satisfy and meet your needs for any occasion and provide you with any look you are  seeking. Angel is amazing! 

-Jackie Elliot

More Compliments



Best makeup experience ever!

Angel is truly the best.  My makeup was exactly what I asked for.  I couldn't of asked for anything better. I loved my makeup. 

-Karla Zertuche


 Angel not only made me glow on my wedding day she added the elegance I desperately wanted in perfection.  I wanted my makeup for the BIG day to  be timeless and THAT she mastered.  It wasn’t just that day, but any  other time she’s done my makeup have been masterpieces!!!!  I think one of her greatest qualities is listening to what you want and blending things with perfection- always so naturally.  The hardest thing after she’s done my makeup, is not taking credit for it.  Angel’s level of  creativity is Angelic. Love her work!!  Super Skilled!!!!  

-Zalynia Rooks

Sheer Talent


Angel  is so amazing at what she does. I am not one to wear a lot of makeup,  but in letting Angel do my makeup, it made me feel and look  gorgeous. She has a wonderful eye for color. She respectfully listened  to my requests. Angel also walked me through every step she did so that I  could also learn in the process. Angel did two different looks on me. A natural look and a look with more color. In both looks, I felt  extremely gorgeous and so confident in myself. When I went out for the day, I received so many comments and compliments. Even a comment that someone thought I was a model and how gorgeous I was. Angel not only boosted my look on the outside but she boosted my self-esteem on the  inside. I can't recommend Angel enough. She is so crafted and gifted  with her talent and you can truly tell that she loves what she does. 

Shonna Johnson

Beauty Expert

 Angelface Makeup has never disappointed me. With any event I have going on, I always rely on Angelface Makeup. She is always on time, ready  and prepared to do whatever type of makeup you need her to do. I am extremely satisfied and happy with her work and recommend her for any  occasion you have, weddings, special events, award ceremonies and more...

     I am a licensed Cosmetologist and Stylist for 30 years.

Dana M. G

Wedding Bliss

 "I loved my makeup on my wedding day!! Angel took my wants for my wedding day and transformed me on my wedding day. She's done my makeup a few times since then and I always look amazing!! You definitely want to book her. She's timely, professional, and talented."

-Chastity Valentine 

Even More Compliments


Beat to the Gawds

 "I had the pleasure of having Angel do my daughter's and my makeup for a hair show. Boy, can I tell you we were beat! I loved everything about our makeup she was fast friendly and sufficient, I recommend her to anyone who needs their makeup done." -Iesha!

Happy Bride

 Couldn't have picked a better makeup artist for my wedding than Angel!!!! She is amazing!!! So sweet & funny - I knew immediately after my trial that I wanted her for my big day. She made everyone in my  wedding party feel like family. If you're looking for someone to bring out your natural beauty with a healthy glow she is your woman. I told Angel I wanted nude lips, the J-LO glow and smokey eyes with lots of lashes- she nailed it! I still looked like myself and the makeup lasted from 10am until after Midnight. She did makeup & lashes for Me The Bride, and the Mother of Bride, &  2 Bridesmaids! She is the best!!!!"